🛠️Getting set up

Follow these steps to install our bot and start receiving payment in discord!

Step 1: Invite our bot

Welcome to our Discord Bot Documentation, to begin using our bot, you'll first need to invite it to your server. You can easily do this by clicking on the invitation link here.

Step 2: Configure your settings

You can configure your settings for our bot with a few simple commands

  1. Preferred Receiving Token: This option allows you to choose the specific token in which you would like to receive all your payments. Simply set your preferred token by using the command /setup.

  2. Backup Token: In the event that the primary network chosen for receiving payments becomes temporarily unavailable, you have the option of specifying a backup token. This ensures that you can still receive payments seamlessly even during any temporary disruptions.

  3. Currency Flexibility: Crafting requests in various currencies is a breeze. Simply employ the command /currency to designate your preferred currency for requests. Currently, you have the option to select between USD and EUR.

Step 4: Receive your payments

You're all set! You will start receiving all your payments in your chosen token(s). Please note that choosing high fee networks like Ethereum (ERC20) could add significant fees to your customers check-out total.

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